Lean & Green

Grilled chicken and a freshly tossed slightly tangy salad with CHEESE (parmasan) on top is definitely my ideal way to keep the day going full of energy!

Arabic delicacy

Pick up one of these and try something new! It’s a local favorite and our chef has added some flare to these stuffed grape leaves in Latest Recipe 😉    

Misleading Pasta

Bring an appetite as this dish is completely misleading! An innocent looking amount of gnocchi is placed before you but it is super heavy with the pasta oOOZIng CHEESE! This one is for the cheese fanatics and it is AWESOME!    

Peanut butter chicken time

Chicken on a stick is quite a simple concept, but when you mix in some asian spices, peanut butter sauce and then quickly bite a prawn cracker it’s an explosion of flavors! Give it a go 🙂

Mystery Pizza

Choose any pizza from the menu OR CREATE  YOUR OWN and get it CALZONE STYLE! A crusty outside with a cheesy gooey mess inside, it’s a monster jam packed! The salad is simple but refreshing with it’s balsamic dressing although I am sure that’s not what you will be focused on in this meal 😉

Sticky Fingers

Super sweet sticky Arabic goodies! You’ll need to wash your hands after as you won’t make it to your table with a fork they’re just too irresistible! Pair them with a strong tea and you’ll be sorted.

Greek Fresh Fish

This grilled fish is super fresh and served along side a simple salad with roasted potatoes for a healthy way to finish the evening. Tip: Ask the waiter for some Tzatziki sauce and you’ll never forget where Acropolis is!        

Seafood Mania

Fish for your choice of shellfish and seafood in this local styled dish at Latest Recipe! A mix of Middle Eastern flavors this seafood item is a must try at the dinner buffet.

Cous Cous

The food so good they named it twice! Enjoy a game without the guilt of indulging on pub grub at NRG! A healthy way to enjoy a sports bar  🙂

Pint & Platter

A platter of fried goodies is the perfect pairing to a frosty pint at The Village! Suggested to be shared it can definitely be devoured by yourself if you’ve had more than one brew in the garden. Squeeze the lemon and attack!