A creamy Italian tradition

It looks simple but this risotto is stirred so well to ensure the rice absorbs all the seasoned stock to achieve its creamy texture. A mild flavour of spices fused with the sharp taste of white wine and a handful of mushrooms enriches the dish & keeps you smiling until the last spoonful at Pappagallo’s.

Funny name, but a British classic

This colourful and artistic plated dish literally shouts out “EAT MEEE!!” when you see it approaching towards your table. A soft & fluffy bed of creamy mashed potatoes and sausages cooked until coated with rich caramelized colour yet remaining juicy and flavorful. Bacon complimenting and balancing the crispiness and saltiness. You know the dish is…

Deep Fat Fish Fried – A Heavenly Tale

One day I was sitting on a bench, eating a delicious piece of fried batter goodness from the deepest part of the ocean. Crispy and crunchy at first, but then ever so tender and succulent inside. It was undeniably… mouthwatering!  I dove my fat fish into the mushy peas before it swam in the tartar…

Stacks of sticks

Simple yet delightful! There is a lady like way to eat and another! I chose just to drop my stick in the dip and it was wonderful! A refreshing, light with traditional Mediterranean flavours! It is not usually served as a starter what with the amazing selection of Mezze, but for those carnivores out there it’s…

Black Pasta!

Seafood & black pasta o la la! A light sauce to highlight the freshness of the seafood with an artsy presentation this is an instagramable moment, so make sure you snap quickly as this dish won’t last long once you start!

Mexicanstyle… Share!

Wow! I will definitely state this is a HUGE portion! Chicken with guac, salsa, sour cream, assorted vegetables in a soft tortilla.. yum! Ask for refills if needed of the sauces but try not to drip them on yourself like me when feasting hard on these ‘make-it-yourself’ fajitas!O

Why not add cheese to a classic?

A British classic with a twist! The best twist.. CHEESE! I am sure you’ve noticed my love of cheese by now, but who wouldn’t want melted cheese on top of mashed potatoes and minced meat? A hearty portion which I must admit the salad helps to keep the meal going with it’s light dressing and…

My Greek Mezze

Cute small bowls of delicious fresh seafood, cheese, dips and more! So many and yet I am not sharing at all 🙂 hehe. Mix & Match your mezze for a different experience every time! An ALL YOU CAN EAT is ONLY 99 Net at the moment every Wednesday YAAS!

Tiramisu just for me and not for you

Home-made tiramisu is always the best! Coffee & chocolate with fresh mascarpone cheese simply can’t be beaten. It’s light and delicious, a fantastic way to end a great Italian meal at Pappagallo.

Lean & Green

Grilled chicken and a freshly tossed slightly tangy salad with CHEESE (parmasan) on top is definitely my ideal way to keep the day going full of energy!